Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your event. I have constructed thousands of communication packages over fifty years and enjoy the creative ministry process.  I will personalize and shape what I bring to your audience with care and prayer. My speaking experience includes large and small churches, men’s and couple’s retreats, pro sports chapels, radio, television, family camps, author’s seminars, missions conferences, colleges, universities and outreach events.

I enjoy adapting to the setting and helping ministry teams achieve their objectives.

Speaking Topics:

  • The Kingdom: Based on the book, Follow Me. I love to unpack the way Jesus presented His message of Good News. The Kingdom language He chose has enormous implication and is the source of authentic life transformation.
  • Retooling Transformation: How does inner and outer change take place in our lives? And, what hinders or stops the process?
  • Men Under Authority: The secrets of dynamic masculine leadership and escape from passivity.
  • Seven Models of Marriage: This is powerful truth for bringing health to marriages. It is about reversing the Genesis 3 curse that has made marriage so difficult.
  • Our Magnificent Identity: This topic focuses on who we are in Christ. It builds powerful motivation based on our destiny of reigning and ruling with Christ.
  • Learning Leadership from Dead Kings and Queens: Take an exciting journey through the experiences of the royalty of the Old Testament. This study opens the treasures of the third of Bible least studied by modern believers.
  • Conversations with Jesus: Based on the book, Still Restless. An examination of one-on-one encounters that Jesus had with a variety of individuals. After examining the biblical record I place modern stories of similar kinds of people along side the biblical characters. The way Jesus tailored the Gospel to fit each individual and uncover inner resistance to God is made clear.