The Safe King: Finding in Jesus the Leader You can Trust

Follow Me, Dr. Jan D. Hettinga’s first book, has a fresh new look! Recently published by Faith Happenings, The Safe King: Finding in Jesus the Leader You Can Trust  now has an updated cover, title as well as fresh editing.  Check it out on Amazon books and download to your Kindle!

safe kingThe ultimate issue in the universe is leadership. Who you follow and what directs your life is the single most important thing about you. Tell me who your leader is politically, ideologically, spiritually or culturally and I can immediately tell all kinds of things about you…even if your leader is yourself which is what most of us prefer. The Safe King will challenge you to examine your life and submit to Christ.


Jan Hettinga addresses the roadblocks that keep us from following Christ including:
• our mistrust of authority
• our fear of giving up control
• our unwillingness to face our resistance to God’s kingdom

If you’d like to order a copy of the original Follow Me, please contact Jan Hettinga directly at There is also a study guide that accompanies the book, sold separately.










Power of Choice Pamphlet


The Power of Choice is a pamphlet also written by Jan which explains the gospel Jesus and His first followers proclaimed. It is a great teaching tool for those who are new to Christ or those who have friends and family that are asking questions.

If you’d like to order a copy of the Power of Choice, please contact Jan Hettinga directly at




Still RestlessStill Restless
Published by Kregel Publishing, Still Restless is Jan Hettinga’s latest book. Jan walks through gospel encounters to demonstrate how talking with Jesus is a good thing to do, particularly in today’s fast-paced modern world. The book places modern day encounters with Jesus alongside one-on-one conversations that appear in the New Testament biographies of Jesus’ life.  Conversations with Jesus can lead to a spirituality that shuts down evil and empowers good. They produce a faith that surrenders control right from the beginning, embracing the relief of following a leader who cares for you.

What would you give to travel back in time to make an appointment with Jesus, to talk to God in flesh and ask your questions face-to-face? Hettinga uncovers the path to that opportunity today. Get ready for the conversation of a lifetime and a manager you can trust completely. His lastest book can be found on  

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