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Diagnostic Confusion

The first two sins in history are recorded in Genesis 3 and 4.  Adam and Eve were led by temptation to disobey God and go their own way.  The next three sins recorded in history were committed by their son, Cain.

First, Cain brought his best crops and offered them in violation of God’s requirement of an animal sacrifice.  Second, he became bitter and resentful toward God and his brother Abel when God accepted Abel’s sacrifice and rejected his.  Third, he murdered his brother. In Cain’s behavior the nature of what sin is and how it behaves can be clearly seen.

It was exactly the same with his parents. When they chose to disobey God, the effects of their sin spontaneously appeared.  Eve blamed the serpent.  Adam blamed God and Eve.  Both hid from God and covered themselves because of their shame. This was a new experience for them.  Cain was full of self-pity and fear.  All the same behaviors have multiplied today.

We are free to choose to go our own way, but we are not free to determine the consequences.  We are able to exercise our free will. Then, without exception, we get stuck with what our choices produce. The vitally important purpose here is to arrive at clarity.  We must be right about what’s wrong with us or we will be wrong about how and where we apply the only cure.