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What If We Are Wrong About God?

As the 3rd Millennium begins, discrediting leaders is a primary pursuit of the media industry.  Some of the debunking is the result of leadership failure.  When moral, ethical, or legal meltdown occurs as it has in the highest offices in the world, the fallout shows up as suspicion and distrust. But suspicion of leadership has a much deeper source.

Something more is going on than the reporting of misconduct at the top.  The relentless attack of the media is indiscriminate.  All leaders are regarded with suspicion. Even the best leaders find their decisions and motives twisted into the worst possible interpretations.

What is happening is what can be expected to happen.  Reporters, news analysts, educators, and expert commentators of all varieties are playing out the nature of their hearts.  No leader can long avoid being targeted; even a perfect leader would provoke a feeding frenzy.  In fact, the better the leader the worse the attack would be.  A brief study of how Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill were treated by the media will demonstrate this reality.

There is an even more vivid example.  Jesus, the perfect leader ventured among us and we killed Him.  Rejection of leadership is just as predictable today. It’s at the center of what’s wrong with us.  We have new names for it today.  We call this aversion to authority “control issues” or “attitude problems.” The Bible has always called it sin…the rebellion that has created a deep distrust of God and His leadership, which began in the Garden of Eden.

(Excerpt taken from The Safe King book and study guide. Dig deeper and find out more by getting your copy of The Safe King book on Amazon).