Monthly Archives: March 2016

Jesus the King

Most people think of Jesus as a great moral teacher.  His reputation for wisdom and insight as he taught the people who came in throngs to hear him, remains strong.  All over the world billions of people consider Jesus one of the greatest of religious leaders.  He is admired and respected as an icon for all things as they should be.

He would not have been pleased with this fact.  He did not come merely to teach a higher moral and ethical code.  He presented himself as the King of the Kingdom of Heaven.  He expected that all who choose to follow Him would recognize His authority and His right to reign over their lives.  That is infinitely more significant than admiring His moral teaching.

Jesus entered the stream of human history to command allegiance.  He claimed to be Heaven’s King in a human body.  The issue of his teaching is not merely personal improvement.  He asked for surrender to His leadership.  When He is in control of our lives all the moral and ethical behaviors He taught are actually possible.  That doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy to people who are addicted to control, but it is the best answer our messed up culture has ever heard.