Monthly Archives: January 2016

Who Reads This Stuff?

I am choosing to write to people who are super motivated in their following of Jesus Christ.  Why? It’s simply because they are the most likely to read about the life of full surrender to the leadership of Jesus anyway.  Committed Christians read.  They read books that challenge their thinking.  They look for material that will stimulate them to press on with zeal and determination.  Nominal Christians are interested in everything else but serious allegiance to Jesus.  They make it a practice to ignore the incongruity of confessing belief in the Lord Jesus but refusing to allow that belief to revolutionize their lives.  As long as the majority of professing Christians around them are superficially Christian, it is easy to justify low levels of commitment, such as not reading.

This blog is intentionally aimed at stirring up those who already are so inclined.  Momentum is maintained when the heart is warmed and filled with the challenge of living passionately for the Kingdom of God.  I will never apologize for keeping the focus on surrender to the one leader in the universe who deserves our trust.  Life is richest and most satisfying when self is off the throne of the heart and Christ alone reigns within with His hand on the steering wheel and his feet on the gas pedal or the brake of our choices.